House Histories

Your home has a story.

Whether you live in a renovated cottage in Berkeley or a classic San Francisco Victorian, your house has a story to tell.

Get connected to that story with a professionally researched, clearly presented, and attractively bound house history that includes:

  • the age of your home, with information about its original design and builder;
  • a narrative description of the changing neigborhood context through time with maps illustrating your home’s place in the changing landscape; and
  • a residential timeline of owners and residents.

As every house is unique, other information and services may be available. Has your home been included in municipal historical resources surveys? Are you interested in the types of interior design and comparable residential architecture popular at the time your house was built? Do you want to know as much as you can about the families who lived there in past decades?

Each house history can be customized to your interests and budget, from a simple timeline of owners and residents to a fully illustrated narrative history. Look at the examples¬†and contact me to start learning your home’s story.